Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Soap and Glory 'Gorgeous As Charged' || Boots Offer

I am a sucker for a good offer, especially when it's from a brand I know and trust and, let's be honest, absolutely love. Boots always seem to stock some of the best offers out there, and when I heard about the current Soap and Glory offer, I just had to get my butt down to a Boots and invest in this offer (justifying it in my head as being able to then show you guys. Good justification? Probably not.)

For the month of November, Soap and Glory are running a promotion wherein if you buy two full sized products (I went for some Glad Hair Day conditioner and a massive Hand Food hand cream), you get a free phone charger/compact mirror. I've been on the market for one of these little things anyway, as they're so useful to have (charged and ready to go) in your handbag in case of a low battery emergency and you can't get to a plug. All you have to do is make sure the charger is fully charged (a cable is included), shove it in your bag with the correct charging cable for your telephone device and bam! You are covered in every emergency. Well, not every emergency. It's not going to save you in a car crash.

I really liked the pink colour of this one, and the fact that it also comes with a larger than normal compact mirror, as I am forever forgetting to chuck an actual compact into my bag, and then subsequently having to apply lippy or powder blind. It doesn't go well, I can promise you that. 

If you're interested in investing in this offer yourself, I know for sure (subject to availability) that the compact/charger is definitely available in most stores for the rest of the month, however what I can see from a little online investigation is that it's currently out of stock online. But keep checking back, you do never know!

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