Friday, 11 November 2016

Primark False Nails || Christmas Snowflakes

I am impressed with you, Primark. These nails are bloody good.

I don't often wear false nails. I like to do nail art, and have my nails painted, but I'm always afraid if I wear false nails constantly that I'm going to ruin my natural nail. Call me paranoid, but I don't fancy destroying my one beauty. However, if I do feel like a false nail week, I tend to plump for Elegant Touch nails just because I love their range of designs, and the nails themselves feel durable and good quality. 

However, I was in Primark last week (in Cardiff, if you're curious) and impulse bought these pretty snowflake nails by the tills. I am a sucker for anything Christmas and cheap. And boy, were these cheap. At £1.50 for the set plus glue, I wasn't too bothered when I got out of the shop and immediately regretted my purchase. I've tried Primark nails before, because of the cheap, and not really liked them. The patterns are always cute, but the nails feel a lot flimsier and thinner, and don't tend to last overly long.

But these bad boys raise the game! I love the pattern of them, it's perfect for winter/Christmas with the silver to clear ombre, layered with delicate snowflakes and drops of snow. The nails themselves feel on par with Elegant Touch. They're a lot thicker than what I'm used to, and don't feel like they're about to rip in half the moment I try to use my hands. They're pretty long (but my nail beds are tiny, to tell you the truth), but they filed down to a more natural length for me really easily, without losing the oval shape or pattern. I've gotten many compliments from various people, and at first glance most people think they are my actual nail! Bonus points for that.

The only thing I disliked about these when I first put them on is that the snowflakes are textured, and I found the rough surface snagged on my clothing, bedding, anything that was slightly texture. Tres annoying, but soon fixed with a thick layer of a top coat that I had in my handbag. (Barry M's plumping top coat, if you must know.) Overall, I am a massive fan of these, and am rather enjoying them on a day to day basis. I've only had to reapply twice in five days, and as I carry the glue everywhere with me, it's  not a massive deal. Would definitely buy again, and it's given me the confidence to try the rest of the Primark range, just in case they've changed their supplier or something!

Are you a false nails person?

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