Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Internet Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas || Female || Under £5

I am so excited for Christmas, I cannot even begin to tell you! I've never really blogged around the festive season before, and so this year I am very much ready to throw myself in head first and get involved in the land of Gift Ideas. However, being pretty much permanently broke, I can only really afford to spend around a tenner or less on the beloved members of my family, and so my Christmas gift guides will be here for you, fellow broke bloggers/people of the internet. I'm sorry. We'll be rich one day.

Today I'm sharing some of my favourite finds from 3 online places: Amazon (aka the overlord), Not On The High Street, and Prezzybox for 9 stocking ideas under £5 for any female in your life (or male. No gender roles allowed here please and thank you). Without further ado, on with the list.

Lets be honest, it wouldn't be Christmas without receiving approximately 1000 bath products. And when said products come to you in a festive cracker form, it's even better! Plus, for those of us who are extremely broke, if you wanted to be a little cheeky, you could crack open the box and put one cracker in three stockings. Cheap for you, lovely for them!
From the same company, continuing on the bath/body products theme, a pretty set of 3 hand creams. We all know someone who either loves hand cream, or could sorely do with one (or three), especially if they are a gardener, or work a lot with their hands (oo-er). Anyway, it's always nice to receive some lovely hand creams as a present as it's not always something you remember to buy yourself!
Rounding up the Amazon trio, is one of my favourite brands, Burt's Bees, with a lovely little duo of their pomegranate lip balm in both tin and stick form. Can't go wrong with a bit of Burt's Bees, does wonder for the lips and the pomegranate version smells absolutely delicious!

Not On The High
We all know someone who loves a drink or four or ten on Christmas, and spends Boxing Day not in the sales, but in bed nursing a horrendous hangover. Why not preempt that situation by giving them some delicious tea to nurse whilst they mutter 'never again' about drinking too much on Christmas day!
Without actually meaning to, I seem to be theming this gift guide quite nicely! Anyhow, continuing with this alcohol theme come these lovely cocktail lip balms in pretty little tins, perfect for any alcohol lovers handbag, in flavours such as Mojito, Pina Colada, and Cosmopolitan. I can already think of about five people who I would buy this for!
Transitioning on nicely to 'silly gifts that have no real purpose but are still pretty cool' come this pack of 'magic' beanstalk seeds, that once grown have messages laser cut onto them. It's a little stupid and completely pointless, but something about being able to grow beans that have little messages that reveal themselves just struck me as pretty damn awesome.
Now this truly is a stupid but cool present. It's literally just a book, filled with cats doing yoga poses. That's it.  Perfect for your cat loving friend's coffee table? Most definitely. There's also a Dog Yoga edition, should your friends eschew cats and love dogs.
Hallelujah, I've lost the theme! This little set of 5 chocolate frogs is a fantastic little stocking filler for someone who adores Harry Potter, or is just a massive fan of frogs. We all know someone! With an added element of popping candy for that extra fun, these are just damn cool.
Aaand we've come full circle! Back to the hand creams. I just loved the packaging for this one, I'm a sucker for anything vintage or vintage looking, and this tube would not only be practical (it is, after all, a hand cream), but would also look so cute popped into your hand bag. Nice.

Have you started thinking about Christmas yet?

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  1. I love all of your picks! Oh my gosh the Yoga Cats is hilarious xx

    Gemma - Miss Makeup Magpie