Thursday, 12 February 2015

Travel Haul

I do adore a good haul, and when that haul contains cute travel sized products? Well, it's just ten times better. Who doesn't love a good fun sized product?!

I'm off to spend the week in London next week, staying with my dad and spending some quality family time, and I thought it was about time I invested in some actual travel sized products, rather than lugging all my normal sized products up with me like I usually do, which makes my bag tonnes heavier. Everything here I got from Boots, which is practically my second home these days and great for anything travel sized or travel related. I do love me some Boots.

Perusing the Boots website one evening, I realised that I was lacking in any form of toiletry/wash bag. Usually when I go away for a night, I just chuck everything I might need in the way of skin care/make up/hair products straight into my bag, which usually results in a frantic scrabble through my things in order to find something. So I decided it was about time to invest in some wash bags, and found these for £8 on, which I thought was pretty decent value for 3 good sized bags. I also liked that they're all different sizes and clear, which makes them ideal for taking away in all sorts of different scenarios, and the transparency means that you can see what's inside without having to root through. Lovely job.

Hair wise, I picked up the Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce shampoo and conditioner in 75ml bottles from instore, which I believe were around £2 each (I can't find a link to these on the Boots website). Charles Worthington is a brand I used to love, and I'm quite excited to find out whether these two do give my hair volume and bounce or not, and it would be rather lovely if they do. My other favourite thing about travel sized products is you can find out if something works or not without having to invest in a big sized bottle of product you might hate. I also picked up the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor instore, which again was around £2 (and I also can't find online, damn you Aussie is my most beloved hair care brand, and I just love this stuff a lot. Finally for my hair, I picked up a cute sized dry shampoo, I got the Umberto Gianni Glam Hair Morning After Dry Shampoo, again I picked this up instore and cannot find a link on the website, but I believe that it was below £2. Umberto Gianni is meant to be a very good haircare brand, and I am curious to find out whether this lives up to my beloved Batiste dry shampoo. And clearly the Boots website does not have as many mini products as the stores do, which is a little odd, oui?

Next item I picked up is the Soap and Glory Clean, Girls Creamy Body Wash 75ml for £2.50. I love love love Soap and Glory for body washes, and I had been meaning to pick up my beloved Clean On Me in the travel sized version, but accidentally misread the packaging. I'm excited to use this one though, and see how it measures up. It also contains a built in moisturiser, which is always a must for me, and smells amazing. 

For my face I decided to go a little more upmarket than the usual Simple skincare I tend to pick up travel sized, and instead went for the Sanctuary Fresh Faced Purifying Wash 30ml and the Pore Refining Toner 30ml, both £2.99. It's been a while since I've used anything but my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, so I don't know how this is going to work out, but I'm curious to see if they're any good. Lastly for skincare, I picked up a Sudocrem Skin Care Cream 30g for £1.99, which made me very happy. Sudocrem is a holy grail product for me, and I find it amazing on my spots, burns from curler and straighteners, dry patches, it really is a cheap, versatile cream and I very much love it. This tube is not only going to be ideal for my trip, but also just to shove in my bag for any emergencies.

Less excitingly, still cute, very essential, I got dental related products. I picked up from instore just a mini 25ml Colgate toothpaste, which is my favourite brand, a Listerine Total Care Mouthwash Mini 95ml for £1.35 (which I will admit to getting mainly because I liked the pinky purple colour), and a Boots Frosted Travel Toothbrush Case for £1.55, which I got ridiculously excited about finding because my pet hate is having to chuck my toothpaste in with all my other bit and bobs, and then putting it in my mouth. Disgusting. 

And that was the end of my travel haul! It made me very happy, and I love everything that I got, and didn't actually go over the top, which is unusual! What are your favourite products to take away with you?



  1. Travel products are just so cute! Great post.

  2. Travel products are just so cute! Great post.